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9 September 2017
I am a technology enthusiast helping people so that that they could get best product for their money is my hobby.
I have been using computer since childhood and build and buying and assembling since my early teens. Most reviewers have given incomplete information or wrong information. Simply read on to know what are the wrong information has been provided in older reviews.

Before Buying Contact Amazon and Hp and Confirm if you will be able to get warranty if you buy online. This is good performer but it has a few issues, which turns down the user and potential buyer. Try local market too, you might be able to get it for cheaper price.

Base specification and Pros
Laptop is very responsive and fast.
It uses latest 7th generation i7 processor.
It has relatively good Graphics card inside it. You can play most games.
It has 8Gb ram ddr4 ram along with dedicated 4gb graphics memory, this much about of memory is adequate for most uses.
It is powerful enough.
Full HD display.
Screen is touch sensitive.
Keyboard is back light.
It has enough power to do most tasks including playing games.
Laptop is versatile and light.

Connectivity and ports
HDMI port
usb 3.0
SD card reader
wifi ac

Dimensions and weight
Approx 1.7KG

Battery sucks average battery life is appropriately 3 hours for basic average uses.
does not have disk drive
5400 Rmp hard disk which has become the norm now, slows booting and transfers. Considering and considering price it is not acceptable.
Seriously limited upgrade options.Not hard disk bay or ram bay, need to open whole chassis to upgrade
Under powered graphics considering the price, graphic is only ddr3 , it should have gddr5
Expensive,Similar specification laptop is available for cheaper price.

Additional Important details.
You will not be able to use windows 7 properly on this laptop as Intel 7th generation processor does not support windows 7. You can use windows 10 or Linux.

Not a perfect laptop, but works very well, no product is perfect and there is always some pro and cons.
I seriously recommend looking at alternatives too.It is a good laptop, you will be able to do most things. Enquirer at local store before you buy this laptop you might be able to get it for cheap.

I hope that my review helped you. If you have any other question fell free to comment below or message me directly. I will be glad to assist you and answer all your queries.
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