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22 July 2018
I never actually invest more than 1k/- for accessories such as Mouse or Keyboard, etc. I use typical office use kind for gaming because the products with the tag "Gaming" doesn't actually do anything for you. It all relies on the user's skills. I've used a normal mouse and keyboard died after almost 6 years and I could play competitive FPS games just fine.

So to be honest this is my first gaming mouse. It comes with 2x Thumb buttons and 2x Primary clicks with an optional click on the left most. You have a DPI button in the middle to change the DPI from 1000 - 1600 - 2400 - 3200. I never go beyond 1600 as it's very over sensitive for me anyways. Just fine with the 1000 and 1600 setting. The problem here is you won't know which DPI it's currently on and you may need to test out on the desktop and go accordingly.

The RGB lighting is so cool and it's illumination with lights off is phenomenal. Works well like a bed lamp LOL.

Another major advantage of this mouse is the primary click materials don't absorb the finger print dust at all and that's great for me. Maybe because this mouse isn't glossy? Because the mouses I've used previously always tends to attract lots of finger print dust and I have to remove them manually every time I use the mouse.

I had encountered issues with the scroll wheel working abnormally for about twice till now but it got fixed after a few days dunno why or how.
On first try it may seem weird to use it and it takes time to get used to it. My palm rests on the finger grooves on the mouse and it fits perfectly.
Could be too large for people with smaller palms though.
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