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16 July 2017
What can i say about an erudite who has explored Indian history & antiquity to the core. It was a delight to finally come across a book that's based on Sanatan history & characters, that in spite of being fiction, neither corrupted them nor glorified the villains (which has become a trend among the fiction writers lately), but brought the real essence of Dharm.

The book though has quite an sluggish start, but gradually (within few chapters) it catches the pace and it just gets better with every page. One has to accept the prowess of the author, by the way he came up with the logical/scientific explanations to various event we see as "chamatkaars", especially the 'upliftment of Trishanku towards heaven', that was just marvelous.

And I am thankful that the author didn't try to bring any idiotic-logical, rather idiological description for the act of divine, which I am tired of seeing in mythological-fiction books where the author tries to explain the leelas and ruins it. The acceptance to the truth, the actual is what should we do instead of being hesitant of accepting our heritage, cause what's truth, will always be.

Like I once quoted in one of my blogs: "divinity cannot be doubted or questioned, it is holy. One can either believe it or disown it as there is no mid-way"

'Vishwamitra' is the journey of a human, who defied all odds and attained what he aspired for, that was rare to devas even. The book is a must read and I wish Vineet all the best for his future endeavors.
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