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19 October 2019
Partha, a student in a Prestigious institute in Kolkata, wishing to complete his dead fathers research, is transported while chanting the Gayatri Mantra.

Similar fate is met by Major Singh, in the glaciers of Leh, while trying to protect his army from an uncanny attack.

Where are they transported to?

The well hidden Kingdom of Vedgarh,
where, "the mission to harmonize ancient Vedic Knowledge with modern science" is ongoing to prevent the world from falling into the grasps of Asura s from the patal lok!

Under the rule of King Devrata, the likes of title Bhisma, Drona and others, and a gurukul of worthy Aryaputra s, they are trying to fight the growth of the Asuras.

Partha, Pawan and Aniruddha are chosen students of this Gurukul, while the Major with his undying vengeance against Indian enemies and Prof. Krishnan with his eye on the nobel prize have been selected from our world to bring about this union of modern science with the knowledge of the Vedas.

The kingdom however is at the verge of internal turbulence, where the likes of Shalvaak and Chitra are rising!

🤫What will be the fate of these outsiders from ' Kaliyuga' in this kingdom?

🤫What will be fate of the kingdom itself with the rise of the Asuras?

🤫Will another Maharathi rise?

Read this well titled mytho-sci fi for the answers!

The cover is a beautiful amalgamation of mantras and suits the book, which is well researched and sits well plausibly with its links!
It is well paced, well sequenced and will hold your attention.

The characters are also well etched and some of them will definitely touch your heart. The idea of taking the names from Mahabharata and putting in a modern perspective is also quite appealing!
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