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26 July 2018
I liked the product when it was delivered. For a Day I could really play the music and turn the jog wheel with vinyl option set. But next day when I was playing again , one of the right jog wheel starts not responding. It would just stop playing music and does not nudge forward nor backward. I ordered for replacement.

Secondly , I did not find nudging song forward or backward to set the pitch of the slave track to the master track any effective. You don't even know if It really matched the beats just by moving jogwheels to mix both.

Pros :
It gives a stylish look and feel
Option for booth monitoring which is good
Faders and fx's are good and handy
Beat samplers on each deck can be handy too
Headphone jack with cue or mix option. That's really cool about it.

Equilizers (high ,medium,low pass filters) are ineffective
Cheap plastic , you need to take care while carrying it
Non handy start /pause button , you don't really know whether pressing start button will actually pause your song or not or vice e versa.

I would recommend getting a pioneer console rather than this.
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