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4 August 2017
Read an article about this innovative bio degradable sanitary pad. Find it worth buying, as I was in a mood to go for something which is echo friendly. You guys are doing fabulous job. Few things I would like to mention

1. Use a proper gum as the adhesive is a total failure in its job.

2. Make the base tight or thick enough that it doesn't gets unshapy with change in our positions (e.g. Sleeping) and time.

3. Pads seems uneven but this how they looks like. May be more presentable one will give more coincidence to us.

4. If the upper layer coyld be made more absorbent and cotteny soft it will give us more comfort.

Overall, if you want to give a try, you must and you should.
Hope with time it will get better and stand tall over so called branded sanitary pads.
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3.1 out of 5 stars
₹ 50.00