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18 March 2019
I bought this for use for my Daily walking, but for some reasons, a couple of things happened.

1. After going through the process of pairing them- Easy, I got my devotional songs which I could hear somewhat OK.
2. I'm an elderly managed 69 but retired from a major US based Telecom company at its Top positiin, Im also a technical geek- so I know what I'm saying are facts.
3 Since Saturday, the left earbud stopped working. and was "DEAD". I tried all possible possibilities to make it work, remove it from Bluetooth, Repairing them again, Recharging them in the box for 2 hours.
4. Sad- Nothing worked!!!! - TheLeft earbud was dead for GOK's.
5. I have asked Amazon for a refund and if they do not, ill send an email to Jeff Bezos

Conclusion- I'm happy for the 5000 odd people who have given it a positive review.
Remember this is going to have some issues as time passes.

After all- What can you expect from a Kickstarter Compay?
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