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18 June 2018
Emergency light being a mandatory thing for homes, which experience frequent power failure in time, this product from DP is really an efficient one. Based on my usage for the past 5 months these are the things which i have experienced.
1) Most importantly the light is really so soft that, we can read books without any strain under it. Literally we can even look directly at the light which is not possible with normal light types as it hurts eyes.
2) The light backup is really more efficient when compared to competitors. Most of the times i had forgot to switch it off on power failure nights and being in lowest setting it was glowing even after 6 hours in morning. Do remember bright light will last around 4-5 hours only.
3) Have holes to mount it directly or hung on wall. (Check the picture)
4) The small portable handle is really useful while carrying it or for a quick hanging in poles. (Check picture)
5) Base stand available with the product is really cool to keep the light anywhere, but being so narrow and vertical the product is prone to fall even at a slightest push.
6) The dial to adjust brightness is really useful, but after 5 months of use i am experiencing a small loose connections sometimes making it refuse to switch on while turning it. But used to get rectified by turning it 2-3 times. (Check picture)
7) The charging ports (both solar and ac) are behind the unit which makes it impossible to charge it while hanging it. So every time you have to take it from wall to charge it. (Check picture)
In short its a value for money product with few flaws which you can compromise for the positive things it offer.

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