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18 August 2015
Yesterday when I reached home at 5 pm I found the courier carrying this book lying on my table. Since I was tired so thought of starting tomorrow but as a usual habit started scrolling the pages eventually landing up in finishing it at 9.45pm. Each and every story are was so gripping that it automatically instigated the thirst for the next one.
At 10 pm When I was watching the stories of Tagore at Epic channel my wife commented " Look at the talent of Anurag Basu- without speaking much he says so much". I picked up this book from the side table, handed over to her and replied " The same talent I could find in the author of this book, Ms. Reetwika Banerjee. Size wise her stories may be micro but the depth wise they are gigantic. She also scrolled the book and raised a doubt "Rs. 240... for a book of just 128 pages?" to which I said " Many authors would have not been able to give the messages in 1280 pages which this author could give in 128 pages." There is hardly an emotion which is left when you go through the book; 128 pages can bring gooseflesh, tears, laughter, happiness, jolts, satire and slap on system and so on. The author really deserves the standing ovation.
There is only one shortcoming which I noted (which may serve as piece of advice for further venture.. if author feel it worth taking!!) -'The hilarious concept of Mama and presence of same character named Tamay in so many stories' the concept is not bad and I understand that it was done to increase the humor content but the literary standard of stories is too high that it becomes a misfit. The stories start to appear as incidents. Had it been other characters every story would appear a new story.
To conclude I would like to say that it is a must read and author and publisher really need to work hard in marketing because this book and the author really deserves great heights in literature world. My best wishes and looking forward
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