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23 March 2019
Wasted my time.

First let me explain about the 2 stars.
A star for the unbelievably happy unrealistic young adult romance book perfect characters. We all wish for people like these in our lives.

Another star for those 2 perfect pages on what the book is supposed to be. Those pages when Mae actually interviews a woman in the train about life and love.

Otherwise the rest 99% of the book is pure cheesy, young adult insta love, all over each other, we-cannot-live-without-each-other kind of stuff till the last page of happily ever after of two 18 year olds who met each other by chance!

What are the odds?!

Mae is someone who knows what she wants. Yet she is in a relationship with someone who she knows she doesn't want to be with at the beginning of the story. She is judgemental and pessimistic and really unlikable.
And just like that when she knows she is going on a trip she left him just like that. With no explanations!

And then there is Hugo, one of the sextuplets.
He wants to be somewhere alone, exploring things, needs to stay away from his siblings for a while and see how life is different apart from being as one of the sextuplets.
He gets dumped by his girlfriend at the beginning of the story.
The thing is that they booked tickets with her name. And all he has to do is to find someone with a similar name to make the trip happen.

So that's how they meet.

Then insta love happens.

Then nothing much happens.

Then cheesiness happens until the 100th something page.
And I actually thought the story is about to change for good.
Those two pages on actual 'Field Notes On Love' happened when Mae interviews a couple they meet during the train ride.
The questions asked and the answers given are truly life endearing. And I really started believing that this book is going to be one of my fav reads.

It goes back to being cheesy.

Then being too cheesy...

And nothing much than only being more cheesy till the last line.

Damn, those two pages were so valuable and perfect.

Had it gone that line for the rest of the book, it would have been so damn good.
Had it been a little different how it ended and actually have moved towards how the characters viewed their lives as they had At the beginning it would have been better.
But nothing changed.

It is all about meeting a good looking boy for the girl. And a good looking girl for the boy.

And just insta love happened and last for them till the end of the story. Sadly, that's all.

The characters were fun to begin the book with. But they were like all high, rather too happy and pumped up, too desperate for finding a love interest for the main characters.

I tried my best to like this one. But meh! I have read enough YA books to last a lifetime for such rerepeats.

I appreciate the understanding parents and the siblings, the respective confidantes of each, the supposedly strong independent characters who have a different dream of their own; having two guys as parents and how a family with sextuplets struggles.

But it seems like it is trying to hard to be sweet and good that I cannot bear it.
And trust me you wouldn't miss out on much if you don't pick up this one.

The cover looks so good though😍
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