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21 May 2017
Good book but could be much better because...

Captures the life and times of Baba Ramdev from his birth.
A light inspirational read for younger gen.
Gives some new information that was not known in public domain such as:
* Ramdev and Balkrishna's good relationship with Bodos which helped to keep the evangelicals at bay and later helped the two when the new government was formed in Assam.
* Their friendships with political persons across the spectrum
* Their CSR efforts
* Their companies and their sales figures
* The important people behind Patanjali
* The rise of Patanjali
* Some good colour photos

A very light-read. Not much new to know. If you are above 40 and have been reading newspapers and forums like BharatRakshak, you would know 80-85% of this book.
Also, a quick read that would be finished in 2 hours.
If you are expecting an Hamish McDonald type book on the Ambanis, then you will be disappointed.
Also, misses out some crucial details like importance of Rajiv Dixit or covers it in passing only.

Good book but could be much better.
I thank the author and the publishing house for coming up with a novel subject and seeing it to print. A must-read due to this point itself!
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