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2 February 2019
It is definitely not a "Bang for the Buck" kinda product. It does feels premium than any other device under 16k. Plus does have a USB Type C. It does lagged a bit on Android Oreo (8) but after Android Pie (9) update it is smooth. The Snapdragon 630 is a bit outdated processor but still does the job with quite ease.

Glass with aluminium build. The only thing which bothers me is the Sim Tray! It is so plasticy. But doesn't matter if you don't frequently ejecting and swapping sims.

It is not bad.

A good one in the daylight. But great in the low light situation. Supports 4K 30fps Video recording but doesn't have EIS. 1080p 60fps is also available but no EIS there. 1080p 30fps has the EIS.

Great for a 3200Mah Battery. Not outstanding or bad. It does last for a day unless yours is defective. And plus it charges up in less than 1.2Hrs.

It is a SD630 with 6 gigs of ram and apps runs smoothly. Can only play PUBG in lowest settings as default. But if you use GFX Tool can run PUBG on HD settings and 60fps with almost no lag. It'd be butter smooth in 30fps or medium settings.

Everything is not built for everyone. It is a bit slippery due to the glass build. But the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 does a good job against scratches. It is a bit longer than usual competition but the width is good for grabbing in one hand. (BTW I don't recommend it to people with small hands and rough usage). Camera bumb is a little bulgy than usual moto phones, but you can always place it facing upside down. And it helps to protect it against scratches.

It is has a good build but a older processor. If you are looking for a premium looking phone for under 16k it does it well. You can play pubg on low to hd settings without any issues. The major issue with this phone was its pricing (23k @ launch) and it got many criticism due to the price to performance ratio. But now (2-02-2019) it is under 16k. For this price it is a good choice but definitely not for everyone product.
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