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7 June 2019
Reviewed in 20th August 2018( First purchase)
Review updated on 8th December (Due to 3rd time purchased this Mi 2i model power bank to my friend)

This is my 2nd MI 20000mAh Power Bank. My first Power Bank is Old MI 20000mAh model. That power bank have 3year Old. Still works the Power Bank without any issues. But i bought this product for its fast charging support feature only. Because my old Mi 20000mAh power bank doesn't have fast charging support. So,it will take more than each 2.5hrs to charge my 2 smartphones. So I decided to buy a new power bank. My main need was the new power bank should support fast charging. Luckily, i found this Mi product and i am very happy. Then, i didn't waste my time for a second thought. I bought the product using Zestmoney EMI option...
After purchasing this power bank, I'm using the old power bank in my ASUS TINKER BOARD PI Computer as a power supply like an ups😊...

Its giving 12000 to 12700mAh backup capacity. After the first purchase of the 2i model. I like it so much abd and i recommend the Power Bank to my friends and family members who has planning to buy a new power bank. Then
I again purchased this Mi 2i models Power bank 3 pcs for my friends andfamily members. After these 3 purchased, I updated the review very detail. Because it will helpful for other Customers who has planning to buy this power bank...

After the all total 4 purchases of this power bank, I checked my and my family members phones to check its actual capacity...

Fast charging devices...

Samsung Galaxy A8 star 3700mAh battery 3 times fully(Takes 1hr 45 minutes to charge 0% to 100%) and 43% at last time.
Samsung Galaxy S8 3000mAh Battery 4times fully(Takes 1hr 30 minutes to charge 0% to 100%) and 26% at last time.
Samsung S9 Plus 3500mAh Battery 3 times fully(Takes 1hr 35 minutes to charge 0% to 100%) and 65% at last time.
Samsung C7 Pro 3300mAh battery 3times fully(Takes 1hr 40 minutes to charge 0% to 100%) and 81% at last time.

Non fast charging devices...

Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 5000mAh Battery 2times fully(Takes 2hr 25 minutes to charge 0% to 100%) and 49% at last time.
Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus 3500mAh battery 3 times fully(Takes 2hr 15 minutes to charge 0% to 100%) and 63% at last time.
Asus ZenFone 3000mAh battery 4 times fully(Takes 1hr 55 minutes to charge 0% to 100%) and 21% at last time.

Both USB ports supports fast changing . Comparing to stock charger, Takes less than 15to 30min to take charge these phones 0% to 100% .

I'm using Geekcases fast charger for charging this Power Bank. Supports fast changing input. So,it takes only 6hrs to charge my 20000mAh power bank fully...

According to me ,this is a value for money purchase.
Some people posted in thier reviews,its size is too big. But in my view,its dimensionally smaller than old MI 20000mAh power bank and other brand 20000mAh power bank. Light weight and Textures provided on the out body makes more grippy. But i bought a power bank cover for additional protection, especially for protecting from scratches....

(Please note that they both Amazon and MI company doesn't pay me for the review ☺)


Well, That's from me now your Turn☺️

👉Last But Not Least Thanks🤝 For Your Precious Time⌚ Reading📖 this Review And I Also Spent Hours'⌛ To Take Pictures🖼️, Checking its capacity in different model smartphones And Writing Review📑 . So, If You Think My Review Was Helpful👍 To You Please Vote This Review As A Helpful👍 Review. It Helps And Motivates Me A Lot.
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