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27 November 2018
This oil is bang for bucks. It performs the same as 300V which I have been using in my motorcycle for 9000 kms. But, I am a Kida (bug) of the things and I like to read and make my knowledge stronger and confident, I came to know 300V is meant only for racing. Explanation below.
-300V is required only if you throw the nuts outta your engine on a race day or drive carelessly in the city also.
-It's drainage interval is only 1000-1500kms after this rash riding. Frequent changes should be done due to no detergents in it to keep your engine safe when idle.
-Damages your catalytic converter which is there for economy and environment. Race machines don't require such things so 300V can be easily used there.
-Requires higher compression ratio in the engines. Meant for bigger engines. Minimum 300CCs. Wastage of money on lower than these CC engines.

7100 vs 300V :
-7100 is meant for city riding as well as track day events due to detergents as well as the ester too.
-7100 is versatile. 300V is race oriented.
-7100 is safe for catalytic converters. 300V is not.
-Both are fully synthetic.
-Smoothness - Both are same.
-Performance - Same but 300V pumps those 2 or 3 bhp more out of the bigger engine.
-Drain Intervals - 7100 = Go according to owner's manual (Reason below), 300V = As mentioned above.
Myth - Using any fully synthetic oils does't mean that you can use it for longer. It totally depends on your riding styles.
If you push you bike to the limits every single time, i.e. only riding on track, you will have to drain 7100 also on 1500kms, if given summer time, make it lesser. Another situation, riding all time at max of 40km/h speeds, will keep your revs and engine heat less too, so 7100 can go longer than specified in the owner's manual by a 1000kms. Its because the oil looses its viscosity (research on this) over the time by the abuse it has to pass in the engine at higher revs and heat. This happens slowly at lower revs, winters, lower engine heats.
The owner's manual is made after carrying out a lot of statistics, facts, treatments, experiments. Stick to it. It is made with a combination of abusive and sensible riding conditions.
Suppose a bike is due for oil change every 3000kms, change it without ifs and buts. (Keeping in mind you clocked that 3000kms on city too. Only track and full abuse might not make it through. 500kms should be taken away from the above figure.)
Tip : Don't change the oil viscosity figures. EVER.

So, I guess now you guys know why I prefer 7100 over 300V. Hope you do the same and save yourself some money as well as the catalytic converters of your dear motorbikes.
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