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Customer Review

25 October 2017
While I would have much preferred buying a more expensive Ukulele such as those by Kala, their lack of availability led me to buy this Ukulele by Kadence.
Bought it for ₹1990/- in a lightning deal. It was delivered in three days with Prime.

I have been using the Ukulele for just three days now and, coming from a guitar background, I immediately felt at home. While it took a while to get used to the smaller sized frets, very soon I was jamming some sweet tunes.

The Ukulele sounds lively and is comfortable to play. There is not much action(distance between strings and frets) which makes it very easy and comfortable to play, especially for beginners.

The finish of the Ukulele is good. I did not find any flaws in the fixtures and workmanship. They have not used a lot of wax on the surface but I feel this gives the Uke a nice and raw texture.

The Ukulele came with a bag and a tuner. I haven't used the bag but it seems to be of good quality. The tuner took some time to figure out, but I was able to tune the Ukulele using an app on my phone (gStrings). I was then able to understand how the tuner works. It's decent and gets the work done.

I would definitely recommend this Ukulele to anyone who is looking for a good starter instrument. While I would also recommend buying a more expensive one such as Kala, in case you are serious about your needs.

I will be updating this review after a few weeks of use. You can watch this space for updates.
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3.8 out of 5 stars
₹ 2,999.00