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2 June 2018
After 1 weeks of daily use
The product is good, the weights and the rod. Grip is good o the rod and weights doesn't smell or any paint/rubber coming out of it.
But usability is not so great.
- Cheap and does the job
- If you don't drop the weights, they'll last very long
- You can use dumbells of weight 4kg, 6 kg and 10 kg in each hand
- You can make dumbells of weight 2, 3, 5, 7kgs
- One a weight is screwed in the rod, it's very inconvenient to replace a weight in it. E.g Once you're done with a set with 4 kgs, it takes a lots of time and frustrating to change it to 6kgs.

For the cons above, I've ordered just a set of rod, so that I have permanent dumbells of weights 4kgs and 6 kgs. and another rubber dumbell pair of 3 kgs. So a total dumbell set in around 2k
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