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23 March 2019
Every experience is actually an experience of self-realization. In each and every experience, we are realizing a capacity or aspect of our soul, and by extension, an aspect of our true nature as Being. Since all there is, is Being, every experience is an experience of Being. Every experience adds to the totality of our understanding and realization of our true nature. There is no other possibility.

In Sanskrit, Spirituality means Adhyatma. The word ‘adhyatma’ is derived from two words – adhi meaning ‘pertaining to’ and Atma meaning the ‘Soul’. Therefore Spirituality means ‘pertaining to the Soul’. Spirituality is the process of leading the total energy of the body to the Soul. What is truth? The highest worldly truth is one where no living being is hurt by us through the medium of our mind, speech or actions. This is the greatest of all principles. It is not the real truth though, but is definitely the ultimate 'worldly truth'!

It's a self help book but not only a self help it is beyond the self help it's all about the self realisation and about to analyse the inner soul. Book consists various topics self realisation , self analysis and determination. According to author these three topics are important mantras for a successful life. Other important topics are ego , greed , selfishness are explained in a unique and conceptual way.

Quotes form the religious book Gita , Guru Nanak and Gautam Buddha are also the points of attractions for the book.

Language and concep is unique , narrative is very good. A must read and a very worthy book. One if the best of my self help books.
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