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1 February 2018
India, right from her independence had witnessed many deadly communal riots between Hindu and Muslims. Irrespective of differences, mutual harmony was always restored. But now, according to the research of Nazia Erum in her book, Mothering a Muslim this communal differences have entered into the schools and Indian Muslims children are targeted and bullied for their religion by referring them as Pakistani and terrorist.

This is a very serious issue and a matter of great concern in respect of the future of the country. We are a secular nation and bigotry and intolerance is not acceptable. We, as parents, certainly can't do much about the hate speech of politicians, but can definitely curtail it's venom spreading in our drawing rooms.

The book also gives insight into the Muslim community and the author's analysis. Liberal Muslims are always in a dilemma whether to live according to conservative rules or embrace change and go with the flow. Dilemma while selecting the name for their child which should be socially acceptable. And how Indian Muslims are adopting and practicing more radical form of Islam after coming under the influence of Gulf and Middle East countries.

I completely empathize with the author, but I really don't agree with the author blaming Modi and BJP for increasing Islamophobia incidents in India. The atrocities of Taliban and other religious fanatic groups are responsible for the increasing hatred towards the Muslim community.

I have heard of similar incidents happening in the USA after the destruction of World Trade Centre on 11th September 2001 killing more than 2000 innocents. Islamophobia is not just in India. It is present, little or more, everywhere in the world and I strongly believe religious fanatics like the Taliban and similar jihadists groups are responsible for it. So why to zero on Modi and BJP.
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