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10 August 2017
This book will keep you occupied and the characters will come alive. Amish has got a great talent of combining mythology and fiction perfectly. His imagination is beyond imagination. The thing I like about his book is reader does not need to know the complete Ramayan to understand it. He has put his imagination into the mythology to create a fiction. This is not a re-telling of a mythology, but he has twisted the story and characters to suit his plot.
The first chapter begins with the kidnapping of Sita by Raavan in his pushpak Vimaan and death of Jatayu, a naga, who tried to save Sita. The story breaks at second chapter and it narrate the turn of actions that leads to this event.

The narration begins with the battle of Karachapa, in which the unconquerable chakravarti king Dashrath is defeated by the king of Lanka, Raavan. Coincidently, on the same day Ram is born to Kaushalya, the eldest wife of Dashrath. Dashrath is convinced that Ram is born with a bad karma and is a bad omen, as on the day of his birth he lost his battle.

Amish’s has brought all the characters in the book alive with true emotions. The scenes will come vivid from the book, be it Kaikeyi saving Dashrath in the battle field, or Bharath avenging her sister Roshni, Manthara performing the rituals of her deceased daughter, Lakshman risking his life time and again to save Ram, Ram admiring Sita the first time he see her, Sita standing bold in the market place saving a teenage, Urmila crying to join Lakshman in the exile and many more.

Really appreciate Amish’s imaginations of inheriting Draupadi’s swayambar from Mahabharat into Sita’s Swayambar. Hanuman ji did do a guest appearance in this book, who with his men are still on the way locating Ram.

The author has brought into focus many of the social norms like caste system. Why birth should not be important but the actions should be important. He does open debate against polygamy just for political alliance. He has made successful attempt to link the vayuputras, nagas and soamras from his previous Siva Trilogy. I loved this book. This is one of the finest books I read in 2015. No doubt I will recommend this book to all readers.
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