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30 May 2019
Tony Robbins is cashing out on his brand. This book has no value for people looking to become rich. It’s a promotional marketing campaign for his investment companies.

It is only good for the middle class fixed salary people who don’t have the courage or knowledge to start their own business and want to park a part of their salary in Tony Robins finance firm.

And Nothing about real Money.

Its tips with references about how to park money with mediocre returns. I feel a usual banks FD will be much safer and hassle free than all the other low return investment tools shown in this book in the Indian context.

I am a solid Tony Robbins fan and have all of his books from Unlimited Power, Unleash... and watched every one of his videos, audibles.

This one was really disappointing, I must say Tony should not do content related to Money Making.

Tony is good with motivation, inspiration and positive psychology but not with money related topic.
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