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12 March 2019
This monitor isn't really for everyone. It's a good monitor, I really liked some aspects of it, but the cons of this monitor overwhelm the pros of the monitor, not by much though. If you can live through the cons, this monitor just might be for you. Gonna start with the cons:
1. Backlight Bleeding - If you don't know what this means, the LCD(liquid crystal display), the screen, is Backlit by CCFL/LED's, the LCD blocks out the backlight that is not needed when displaying a particular image. When this light is not 100% blocked, allowing excess light to "bleed" around the edges of the LCD panel.
This issue makes the background light up at some spots at the edges on a dark/black background. This is really annoying. It did bother me. This type of issue happens when the monitors are not 'factory calibrated'.
2. Viewing Angles - Monitor is advertised for 178degrees, which is not entirely true. You can see as wide as 178degrees. But colours especially blacks and whites turn into greyish black and yellowish white, image(desktop wallpaper) quality really gets worse after about 40 degrees from centre, also the light spots due to backlight bleed really starts to show up at when you watch screen from the angle, However shockingly when watching movies, the viewing angles are much better, still can't be compared with an IPS panel viewing angles, which are way better than these. (This monitor has a VA panel)

Now for the pros, and why should you get it?
1. Deep Blacks - Oh my god, I loved the blacks of this screen, but only when viewing from the centre. This monitor has deep rich blacks than any IPS panel screen I have worked on. Blacks tend to get screwed up when viewing from the angle due to backlight bleed.
2. Curved screen - At this price point, this is the only curved screen in the market. Curved screen doesn't really matter for 24" 16:9 monitor. It's not wide enough to really feel that immersive experience. Although aesthetically it does look pleasing, your family members or friends will get intrigued by seeing a curved screen. As a user, it didn't really matter to me. This one is subjective user to user.

My verdict, if you can live through backlight bleeding and weird colour reproducing when viewing through angles. This monitor produces really deep contrast images with vivid colours when viewing from the centre and it just might for you.

Professionals - I won't recommend for professionals or for office use. However, It will work for professional use if you work alone and doesn't really care about viewing angles. Still better if you go with an IPS panel monitor.

Hardcore gamers - I won't recommend for hardcore gaming too, No gaming monitor is made of VA panel. Do you wanna win a game or have a better contrast?

Casuals - Recommended for this category, this category is for people who wanna use for browsing, do some gaming but are not a hardcore gamer. Someone who watches a lot of movies. This might be the right one for you and a steal deal for the price you are getting compared to the rest of the market.

I returned the monitor because of the annoying backlight bleed issue.
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