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Reviewed in India on 16 September 2020
I got this camera after seeing rave reviews in YouTube. However, this review will focus on the shortcomings only. I discovered after 10 days of use.
1. Poor battery life : does not last even 3 hours of use. However, this is compensated by the extra battery provided. But the way battery compartment is designed does no good to the purpose. you need to unscrew from mount to change The battery. So you will need to break your schedule in case u are shooting something continuous.
2. Error Error - the dreaded E:62:10 error appeared in my camera after few days of use. Although I did not face any difficulty in shooting. It did make my experience bitter. Could not resolve though the solutions available on internet. The usual switch on of. Change battery etc does not work and the error message is a part of the display now.
3. Mic : even tough the mic is a strong one. It does not do well to reduce background noise.
4. Charging time : 150 mins. This really restricts ur ability to shoot and u need to plan ahead if you are a serious vlogger.
5. Not weather proof. : the manual says it is not weather proof and small amounts of water may damage the internal circuits. I mean why? It restricts your ability to take outdoor shoot and a vlogger would not take this.

Apart from the above. The camera delivers what it promises in the review videos.

Update :
My lens assembly was faulty. Thankfully Sony service centre was open and as directed by the Sony representative, I gave the camera for repair. It took 14 days to get the part from abroad and complete the repairs. Now, the camera is working fine. No issues as such.
Update 2: Please go through the settings and understand each setting before shooting. There are a lot of helpful YouTube videos on this camera.
Update 3 : The camera worked fine for 2 days after repairs. As of now it is still in the repair shop. 2 months after purchase the camera is 28 days.(and counting) in repair shop. Even after 2 trips of repair shop the error does not go away. Now it is a permanent display in my camera.
Update 4: Sony had finally replaced the camera with a new one. Will update if there are issues in the new one. From mid September to mid December the camera was in the repair centre for at least 50 days before it was finally replaced.
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