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20 January 2018
Why I love to read non-fiction is that it shows the reality, this book Mothering a Muslim is really an alarming, true situation of Muslim’s in Metro and urban area’s of India is perfectly presented by the author. Athithi Devo Bhava is followed by Indians for centuries, but for last 3-5 years situation has changed especially for Muslim’s because of the Gujarat riot and influence of ISIS in India.

According to my view we can’t blame the politics, it’s because of the Muslim Jihadist, the whole community has to suffer, even urban Muslims’ are afraid of their own peoples for not following their rules. It’s just mentioned by the author on page no 73 that a thirteen year old boy was brain washed by their mullah that when a boy started to grow mustache he should visit masjid everyday, also for a women if her head is uncovered or sleeves aren’t full their own people will reject her as a Muslim. Today’s news papers and also channels provide such news which targets particular community and they have to suffer. Although author accepts the reality by mentioning that 95% terror attack in 2015 were done by ISIS which is organized by Muslim.

I still remember when I was studying in school many Borah Muslims were in our class, they are still our good friends, we used to share our lunch box and never heard anyone bullied them. What is mentioned in the book is severe in metros and urban areas but there is good harmony in tier 3 cities and villages of India.

One incident which is mentioned in the book is very alarming for the future of India i.e. Muslim children’s refuses to enter Mandir, and Hindu children’s in Masjid or Dargah, actually parents should teach their child that both the communities are living in harmony for centuries in India, and this types of activities should not be tolerated by them.

What I didn’t like in the book: Those who have been interviewed have targeted Modi government and their (Muslim’s) situation after Gujarat riot and recent events. A particular BJP government if framed by the author, which is not healthy for the book. I would like to say Congress has ruled many decades after Independence, also 93’s bomb blast, where Hindus and Muslim’s both were affected but author has not mentioned in her book.

Although I highly recommend this book to today’s parents and teachers of India, and really appreciate the work of debut author.

I got this book from Juggernaut publication, a big thank you for providing this wonderful book for an honest review.
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