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Reviewed in India on 20 September 2018
‘Gurbani Darshan’,The Treasure Of Artistic Divine Images
‘ Gurbani Darshan ’is a magnificent gallery which involves an exceptional eye - skill of a photographer as well as require an extraordinary talent to use the camera. Perhaps this is the unique book in this regard, synthesized with dedication and an unsurpassable skill.
Thakur Dalip Singh Ji, well acquainted with uses of photography that helps him to captivate charisma of objects in camera. He captured the essence of artifacts as well as spirit of God in the artifacts.
Concentrating on photography as well as explaining holy scripture is not an relaxed task but he with his concentration power and his third eye view extend his access to the mysterious of universe while residing in nature. Gurbani does not neglect visible while talking about invisible, He by taking help of worldly things depicts both the spell of known and unknown in his photography.
Endeavour to find right content and depicting suitable meaning according to the words of gurbani is concentrated so much that one could not help himself to be overwhelmed in this abundance.
Creation of variety of shades and grades from his Almighty’s nature not only attracts the attention of spectators but also induce and inspire them to owe it .
An image, appreciate the germinating of mushroom which symbolizes the abundance of nature.
Photographer has put his efforts to subdue experiences from his omnipotent’s nature that exhibit the unknown as well as vastness of wonderful world.
Keeping in mind the foundation of words of gurbani ,suitable pictures has been captured and portrayed before viewers with supreme manifestation for their critical eyes, These portraits unravel mysterious of God as well as embody the spirit of excellence.
Somewhere the sparkling nature is presented and somewhere is the creation of universe from the water God .somewhere God is residing in the woods and somewhere is the beautiful artistic vegetation inherited in the feet of tall mountain. The imagery of various trees and rainbow flowers not only take our heart away but also inspire us towards the magical nature.
The goal of lensman is to personify the power of lord ,the control of lord ones the pace of sun ,moon ,rivers and mountains and to celebrate the gifts from the shape ,shade and formation of vegetation. Thakur Dalip singh Ji with his keen eye ,has seen both infinite nature and the invisible eternity.
This magnificent vision book “ Gurbani Darshan “ has its own sublime place and great significance. The postulation of idea that life is short lived is compared with the sprouting of mushroom , which is also temporary not meant for permanence .Last image is of graveyard which is the last destination of human life.
All the colourful portraits of this tremendous book are inscripted lively on the wax paper that portrays the spirit of gurbani and paves the way for exploration of devotees and show them the path of truth.The contribution of Sarvanjit Savi and Tejpartap Sandhu is essentially valuable.This commendable book is worth to uphold and delight to eyes.
Sham Singh
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