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19 December 2018
I had received the April 2018 batch. Everything is fine with the phone. All the functionalities are working perfect with no lag. Camera is too good to mention. But only disappointed by the blue tinge that the phone is having when viewed from a angle. Though it is less in saturated mode but still its ok. Coming from a Samsung background, you might be slightly disappointed by the display, but you won't hate is as the screen has great details as the Samsung devices do. The display is on the warmer color tone.
If you are looking for a fluid device and a camera fan trust me pure android experience will be awesome incluiding the AI camera. Yes once again i would like to mention that if you belong to Samsung family then you might loose out some of their features that it for sure like Samsung Pay, Edge functions, UI changes and some customisations. But despite having these few negatives, Pixel 2xl lives up to be an fabulous experience!
I got the phone from Akshat Telecom!
Only concern is the warranty of the phone. Amazon said its 1year warranty while the seller claims its 2 years!
* Updated- Phone is working superb. Well its worth to mention that the video quality is not that good in low light and get blurred.
I am still waiting for Amazon to update the warranty of this mobile in their website as Google is providing 2 year warranty and so are the sellers. Google has confirmed no matter where you buy the phone from they will provide 2 years of warranty. So i request team Amazon to kindly update the warranty details of the phone so that customers like me are not confused and are aware of the actual facts of warranty.
Coming to the phone again, there is a small bug as i mentioned earlier regarding the blue tinge while aligning/tilting the phone, but trust me that wont be a huge setback if you do buy it as i too have adjusted and got acustomed with it. Its a problem with the p-oled screen provided by LG and all the batches you buy will be having this issue more or less which Google has tried its best to resolve by software updates but still a bit of it exists and its not huge deal. If you are coming from a Samsung family, please use the saturated mode in display as it gives you not the best but near by experience to the oled screen by Samsung. Another thing,is the slow charge, and yes it does charge a little bit slow but not bad. Only problem is that the phone charges till 99 and then never reaches to 100. You need to unplug and then again plug it in to get the full 100 charge. I guess from my own research its a bug that is yet to be addressed by Google. No matter you charge it for entire day it will be till 99. Phone Display on time is just great and the phone should last atleast a day on normal usage and still remain with some juice.
Speaker are stereo but the bottom is louder than the top one. This fact is annoying but you will barely notice it, and this has been officially stated by google. It might feel to some awkward but you won't notice much difference.
My Thoughts- Phone does not slow down at all, its a fabulous phone,with superb camera. Its an all rounder, i have played PUBG intensively and trust me this phone handles it very good.
Hope this review helps everyone and wisely choosing the phone you want.
Update: Finally the phone now has 2 yrs of warranty under Amazon and the charging issue has been resolved.
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