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30 July 2019
I have used electric sandwich toasters all my life... and this is truly novel to me. It’s perfect in every way. Jus the perfect size, the job is done is a couple of minutes, the fillings gets sealed in well, I love it as it’s a clean box (only with ridges) without pressing the sides, which ensures even distribution of the filling instead of pressing the sides and concentrating and making the centre bulgy and sides glued and devoid of filling. I find it much more convenient than the electric ones where it tends to get messy especially because of the diagonal cutting and gluing of sides plus it’s takes longer to cook than on this one. Highly recommended. ( I leave a small slice of butter on the lower plate then place the bread and layer it or fill it with the bread on the toaster instead of filling first and then shifting. May look messy but you will get the hang of it very quick)
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