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12 May 2018
Name of the book - Let, have coffee
Name of the Author - Parul Mittal
Published by - Rupa publications
My ratings - 2.5/5

This book is about a weird girl and even more weird boy who has a stupid and strange logic to define his love for many girls and the girl Meha who spent only 48 hours with the guy at a wedding ceremony is head over heels over him even after 5 years even though he did not reciprocate her feelings that time. The plot was weak and the narration was worse. The story seems as if written by an amateur writer who does not have the proper knowledge to form sentences. The most stupid thing about the book was poor characterization. The characters keep coming out, out of nowhere and as soon as their work is done, they disappear. The most ignored characters in the book were Anusha and Varun, Anusha being the best friend of Meha.

Meha and Sameer (the charming flirt) were the main protagonists and this novel is their love - story. They meet each other in their ex's wedding, have a one night stand and part their ways. Then they again meet each other as just friends and end up falling for each other. Wait! sorry. Meha was already in love with Sameer and Sameer at last falls for her. Or was he also in love with her since the beginning? This was the whole story about.

The sentences were not formed properly and the poor narration and storyline made the novel even harder to read. The only good thing about the book was its cover which was really beautiful and appealing. The book was not up to my expectations.
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