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19 January 2019
I was majorly disappointed with Fredrik Backman's My Grandmother sends her Regards and Apologises. I had super high expectations with him after reading A Man Called Ove but I was terribly disappointed with this one. Read on to know why.
Elsa, a seven year old girl has no friends and is bullied in her school. But, she has an amazing grandmother who boosts her confidence and gives her all the love she deserves. However, her grandmother dies because of cancer but just before dying, she asks Elsa to go on a secret mission, thus making her aware of her well-concealed secrets.
Initially, I found the book to be very interesting and emotional. The insight into a child's life who is bullied were heartbreaking. However, it turned out to be very stretched and unnecessarily complicated. Elsa looks at the world from a different perspective, which is almost fairy-tale like and that's how the story is narrated. It was good at first but too much of unnecessary details and diversions made the entire book boring. The actual plot and the story line was good, as expected from the author but the narrative could have been better and less chaotic.
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