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3 February 2019
If you don't want to read a long'ish review and would like a one line review here it is - You'll grow old waiting to copy files to this drive.

Now, for the long version. We'll get to the build quality later, for now, let's talk about the copy speeds. I decided to compare this drive with my hard disk drives as well just so it'll be fun. Including a USB 2.0 HDD.

Copying a single 2.3GB file to and from this drive onto my Macbook Pro. Here are the results:

5 min 28 sec 32 msec Copy to Sandisk Ultra Fit 64GB ~11MBPs
56 sec 71 msec Copy from Sandisk Ultra Fit 64GB ~41MPPs

24 sec 14 msec Copy to Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB USB 3.0 ~98 MBPs
8 sec 84 msec Copy from Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB USB 3.0 ~261 MBPs

57:19 Copy from USB 2.0 HDD ~41MBPs
1:00 Copy to USB 2.0 HDD ~39MBPs

19:67 Copy from USB 3.0 HDD ~117MBPs
20:11 Copy to USB 3.0 HDD ~118MBPs

6:70 Copy from USB 3.0 SSD ~336MBPs
7:34 Copy to USB 3.0 SSD ~314MBPs

I don't need to write anything. The numbers speak for themselves. While I know it's probably unfair to compare this drive to other drives that are perhaps 3x the price, we simply cannot ignore the fact that a USB 3.0 drive shouldn't be this slow. It's just painful.

About the build quality - It's made of the same material that file folders are made of. A sort of flexible plastic. Suffice to say, it won't last long.

This is where it really starts getting to me. Had Sandisk compromised on the build quality to deliver a good drive, we could've ignored this. Had they provided great build quality with a slow drive, we could've maybe considered it. But a double whammy? No sir!

I'm going to try and return this for a better one in a similar size. Not sure if it exists.
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