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28 November 2018
Eureka Forbes has been around in my family since ages and is a very famous brand especially in the segment of vacuum cleaners. My grandparents had in in the late 80s and later my family bought it in the 90s. However, those were really big , durable models since the houses were big and the furnitures around were expensive and in plenty. I purchased this model specifically for one and one purpose only! To vaccum suck my Dog's fur from the bed because my dog often sleeps on my bed. There are plenty of negative reviews about this product that it heats up too quick and blah blah but people need to understand that this model is only meant for specific cleaning purposes of shorter duration. If you want to do the whole house or if you have a large couch/lavish sofa, carpets, curtains etc then you must go for the ones between the range of 10K-15K because those are the models which are appropriate. This is for lazy people and dust allergic people like me who do not like to brush off their dog very frequently and let them climb on the bed. Or for singles who have a bed and a dust allergy in particular and like to vacuum instead of giving their mattress or bedsheet a shrug. Needless to say ,, it is common sense that you will not use this machine for longer duration not because it is inefficient but because it is not meant for that purpose. The negative reviews are fetching for this product because somewhere the application of the gadget and general awareness is lacking. I love the crimson red colour .It looks gorgeous. Back home we had two models in Beige and Grey. To my delight, I am the happiest when my gadgets and appliances are in various colors. It does make a lot of noise but i'm not upset or complaining. The suction is good and it fits my purpose. This is one of the brands that has lived up to its quality! Thank you Amazon for housing such awesome products.
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