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12 December 2018
Okay ; if you are reading this , you must be buying this 6s in 2018 onwards.
So honestly , this is what I thought when I ordered it 6 months back. I have been through all the reviews and then I was so sure that yes i really should order this and , i am so happy with my choice now.

Product review:
1. Battery life: I was not sure with this thing when I bought it; but believe me this product I have is better in terms of battery life than my android (coolpad note 3). Can go 2 days with normal usage on a single go.
2. Picture quality: It is so amazing. I have been using it for my YT videos. And I found no problem at all .
3. Hang issue: None yet
4. Money: I got it for 34k , when it comes to apple; they do charge a lot. But believe me with this they provides lot of good quality as well.
And if you are reading this , you sure don’t have money issues.
5. Apps: I didn’t pay for a single app untill the day, and forget what other says , apple is amazing .

Buy this product for sure, dont worry about model ; 6s is forever. Not too expensive like x series and still have all the features.

Hope this will help.
Let me know if you need more help.
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4.2 out of 5 stars
₹ 28,999.00