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22 March 2019
BOOK TITLE - The Heist Artist.

AUTHOR - Vish Dhamija.

FORMAT - Kindle.

LENGTH- 231 Pages.

GENRE - Thriller.

The Heist Artist focuses on the story of a slick conman Vagh Pratap Singh,famously known as the Captain.Now in his forties,he was made an offer by an amoral politician named Uddham Kumar to purloin a famous painting Poppy Flowers by Vincent Van Gogh. This painting has been missing for a very time and the Captain couldn't help but be tempted by deal. With complicated yet calculative precision and a disguise perfected to match his profile,he chalks out a plan.

Procuring the painting will not be as easy as he anticipated and Uddham was getting restless day after day. Will the Captain be able to get the job done in the agreed duration of time or will he loose his life at the hand of the politician? Now he must use his sixth sense to orchestrate a treacherously risky heist in order to get of this mess.

By the middle of the novel,we are introduced to the rest of the remaining cast of characters.Sylvia,formerly an escort now works as Uddham's advisor,Damodar who is his confidant, Hari Mohan Gupta who is the sub-inspector trying to find any concert evidence to put the Captain behind the bars for a very long time.Each of these characters do play vitals roles in the remaining part of the story.

If i had to choose my favorite character then i would definitely pick Vagh Pratap's character because as the protagonist of the novel,he was one of the most captivating character that i have came across in a while.The way he meticulously planned each step in his mind and made sure to execute the same to make this dangerous heist a success is astounding.

The Heist Artist has been one of my anticipated read for 2019. I learned a great deal about Van Gogh and the history of the painting Poppy Flowers.It is fascinating how the author fictionalized the still missing piece of art.The story was well-written and was fast paced as well.

I would highly recommend this book to all the thriller loving readers who enjoy to read about zippy road chases,charasmatic characters with snappy dialogues and an utterly compelling storyline.
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