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5 November 2018
Okay to start the review, I have been using Netgear N150 router for last 4 years and this time I needed a new router since devices were increasing in my house (Google chromecast, Google Home, Laptops and mobiles). My netgear router was not able to cover even a 2-BHK and when a lot of devices were connecting at the same time, the chromecast and google home stops working which was such a pain when one person wants to listen music or to steam videos on TV.
So, I finally decided and after reading a lot of reviews of different products zeroed on to this product - TP-LINK TL-WR940N Wireless-N450 Home Router (Mentioning full name since it seems amazon mixes all the reviews of different products of one brand into one list).
Pros -
1- The wifi range is good and comfortably covers my 2 BHK house, even after going some more distance away from home(around 20 meters) I get the range.
2- Able to connect multiple devices (MIMO tech works) (including chromecast, google home) without interruptions.
3- Can easily use this router as wifi range extender as well. A big plus for big homes.
4- T Plink app works fine with the router and you can easily customize settings there.
5- A RJ-45 cable comes inside the box, helps connecting my ACT broadband connection to laptop when there is no power.

1. I got used to mutiple lights on my Netgear router, but his one has just single light. Turns blue if wifi connection is working fine and turns yellow if ISP connections breaks. Not a big concern. Just need to get used to it.
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