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12 February 2019
First of all my humble obeisance at the divine feet of Swamiji!
This is not an ordinary book. This books falls under the category of Bhakti - Mantra Sadhana. This really cannot be categorised under simple non fiction section. Its not autobiography or self help book. This is beyond all of this. In fact it has nothing to do with materialistic achievements in our life. It's for beyond. This book states everything one ever wants to know about Mantra Sadhana on path of Bhakti. Swamiji outlines details steps of what is Mantra and true process of invoking that Mantra.In short to bring Mantra to life.Not just this but everything about the process - Beads to use, how to perform Yagnya, place,time to choose, How to chose Mantra and every single related thing.In today's world one will rarely find such detailed work on this topic. And the icing on the cake is Swamiji is talking from his first hand experience. Every single steps is practiced and validated by him. To add he quotes several true stories from his personal life. Now what more one can ask for. The Words are less to praise such book in this era. Only serious and sincere seeker will find true wisdom in this book. But Swamiji has opened his treasure of wisdom for everyone. One who is even slightly interested on this path will get too much from this book. Thank you so much Swamiji. _/\_
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