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8 April 2018
Nikita Singh's latest book 'Letters to My Ex' is very different from her previous books. This book is in the letter-format. It has a unique form of narration. I was very excited about this book since the time when the author announced the book. I have read most of her previous books and loved them. Also, since the title as well as the cover of the book is very attractive and seems interesting, I had really high expectations from this book.

The plot is quite simple. The main characters are Nidhi and Abhay. They had been in a relationship for almost five years. At their engagement, Nidhi calls it off, and thus their long loving relationship comes to an end abruptly. However, the reason for this is unknown at the beginning, which seems confusing. Nidhi decides to pen down her feelings in letter format. Also, Abhay's point of view and feelings has been explored.

You have to read the book to know why Nidhi broke the engagement, and also what happens to them later.

The author has well portrayed a romantic story in a different format. The language is lucid, which makes it a very easy read.The book is divided into twelve chapters, each title named after a month. The book is very fast paced. The plot is not very deep and it is quite hollow and cliched. The book at times seems to lack the property to keep the readers glued to the book. It is very fast paced. It did not quite meet my expectations.

Overall, the book is a short, easy light-read and fans of contemporary and romantic fictions can give it a read. You people might like this book.
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