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14 July 2016
Secrets of Kundalini revealed first time, first hand.

Swamiji had once said that the mouth which has taken name of Mother Divine cannot but utter truth, hence, I have my entire faith in each and every word of this amazing book. It is power of truth of each word of Swamiji that I could feel as if I am seeing all events in front of my eyes narrated and related to Lord Shiva, Sati, Parvati, Lord Hayagriva, Sage Agastya, Vasishta, Vyasa, Susena, Mahasena & Lord Hanuman. Everything said and written in this book is by first hand experience of Swamiji.
The concept of relativity of time given in the chapter “When Shiva meets Shakti" is simply mind boggling.
Swamiji has made Kundalini meditation so easy to understand and so doable by this awe-inspiring book.

A must read book for anyone even remotely interested in concept of Kundalini.

Vipul Om
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