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8 November 2018
About the Book
The book consists of a large number of multiple choice questions (MCQs) enlisted under 39 chapters divided into broader categories of Arithmetical Ability and Data Interpretation. Previous year questions have also been included in all of the chapters.

This book is ideal for Bank PO, SBI-PO, IBPS, RBI exam, MBA, MAT, CAT, IIFT, IGNOU, Hotel Management, SSC Combined Preliminary Exam, Sub-Inspector of Police, CBI, CPO Exam, Railway Recruitment Board Exams, Campus Recruitment Tests.

Arithmetical Ability
As known, the above mentioned exams require the knowledge of high school mathematics and this book rightly brings forward all those topics which one has encountered in those years. This section of the book is divided into the following chapters:


H.C.f and L.C.M. of Numbers

Decimal Fractions


Square Roots and Cube Roots


Problems on Numbers

Problems on Ages

Surds and Indices


Profit and Loss

Ratio and Proportion


Chain Rule

Time and Work

Pipes and Cistern

Time and Distance

Problems on Trains

Boats and Streams

Alligation or Misture

Simple Interest

Compound Interest



Volume and Surface Areas

Races and Games of Skill



Stocks and Shares

Permutations and Combinations


True Discount

Banker's Discount

Heights and Distances

Odd Man Out and Series

Data Interpretation
This section plays one of the most important role in any competitive exam. It usually comprises of some given data followed by s set of questions whose answer needs to be derived from the given information. Such questions are the most scoring ones only if one knows the precise method to solve them or else they turnout to be the biggest backdrop in the test. In the book this section is divided into the following chapters:


Bar Graphs

Pie Charts

Line Graphs

Special Features
Apart from the systematic division of the entire syllabus into various chapters, the quality of the book has been enhanced by putting in extra efforts to help the learner excel in the exam.

First and foremost each chapter is provided with detailed information one would require in order to solve the questions in relation to the same. Followed by this there are a set of solved examples which gives the student a basic idea of what sort of questions he/she is going to encounter in the given chapter and the process to solve them. Last but not the least the solutions to each and every problem is provided in the book with the detailed solving method.

Quality and Availability
The book is a quality product from the famous publishing house S. Chand Publishing and written by the acclaimed mathematician Dr. R. S. Aggarwal. These points leave no doubt regarding the usefulness of the book.

This book is available in most of the book stalls that trade in educational books. The same is also available in online stores like Flipkart. The buyer is suggested to check the availability as per their convenience before proceeding to buy the book.
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