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3 August 2019
I have a stable internet speed and my TV is very close to my WiFi router. I get around 60-70Mbps speed near the TV. When I bought Firestick , for the first month everything was working fine but after a month I experienced a lot of buffering , so much so that videos would play at garbage 144p or the endless circle of buffering to my shock.

I thought it was a software issue in the beginning so I turned off all data monitoring, ads and even performed a factory reset to resolve the issue thinking a software upgrade might be the cause but no avail. I then decided to see if it was a problem with the WiFi so I changed the channel to have no interference from my neighbors but that too didn't solve the problem. I installed an app on my phone to test WiFi signals around my house and to my surprise I found the culprit , <b>it was the remote!!</b>.

Basically when you pair the remote to the Firestick it establishes a bluetooth connection at all time to keep the connection constant. However, the geniuses have designed it such that the bluetooth signal is always in the same channel as the WiFi causing horrendous interference. I even tried changing the channel of my Wifi and to my surprise the bluetooth channel also changes to the exact same channel. I don't know why they would overlook such a trivial design flaw but it's there. Didn't expect this from a company like Amazon. If you want to get rid of the buffering issues, download the Fire TV app in your mobile and use it as the remote. Don't forget to <b>unpair the remote</b> from the Firetv, that will definitely solve the problem.
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