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11 March 2019
The book arrived on time and packaging was great thanks to seller and Amazon. When I first picked up this book, I was skeptical about it.

Genetics as a topic, at best looked academic to me. This was so, until I read this book. It is hard to fathom that a medical doctor can write such a beautiful book, which weaves together several years gene evolution, from it's genisis to the modern era. He starts the story with a poignant portrayal of his family history of mental illness. Beginning at pre-independence era meandering it way' via three generations, to the present. From there on he starts to put together an enthralling account of Charles Darwin's discovery of "natural selection" and Mendel's seminal work on genes. Though both discoveries, i.e. the process of selection and code of selection, complement each other, sadly in-spite of living in the same era both the geniuses fail to meet each other or even connect each others works. Mendel's work, is lost to obscurity, as he fails to get recognised for his work on "gene" and he gets sucked into the administrative tasks at the monestary. Finally, his work is rediscovered (after 40 years) in 1900's and from then on the race begins. I haven't seen better story telling experience, as there isn't any dull moment in this book.

Read it like a thriller and enjoy every moment of callisthenics as Sid takes you through past present and future of genealogy.
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