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12 October 2017
I'm a big admirrer of amish writing style. The way he explains things keeps you engaged. this book is compilation of his various interviews, talks, guest lectures, articles etc. If you wish to know about india history, then this book is best thing to start off. This book provides you fact about ancient indian history which is absolutely not explained in more words but it ignites you to go forward and look in indian ancient history.
It will increase your interest and compel you to know more about indian ancient history. He goes from indian mythology to indian ancient history to current indian social problem.
He talk about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) problem and present his views very clearly. He talks about why concept of religion is used and needed, he talks about his perception of god. He takes current social problem and relate it to our ancient way of approaching it and makes you believe that almost all problem has solution in our history. He talk about main problem of Hindu, Muslim and christian religion in current days.
He take on youth and present his views which shows he has better understanding of indian history and mythology and he prooves that indian youth who are famously famed as rebelion are right and no where less indian than any old man or person who consider themself more indian.
Book present clear view about aryan, aryan invasion theory (AIT) and aryan migration theory (AMT) and amish conclude that it's a myth and nothing else in his view as he don't see any evidence to proove any of those theories.
In all and all It's worth reading.
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