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18 February 2018
I am pleased to share my fifteenth column, "Wordsmiths:

The Chronicles of Narnia series are being rendered into Urdu now! It’s surprising for me. It has been done, not because of an Urdu translator. It was stunning news for me that, it is being done by a native American. Mathew Dalton, one of the Urdu lovers, hails from the US, has done this great job. When CS Lewis came up with the series of Narnia stories, as he states in one of his books, he penned the stories for his daughter to read but by the time he finished the story, she was too old to read these types of kid’s fantasy. At the time of writing, even he wouldn’t have imagined that these books are going to be loved by the kids around the world. So far, in this series, two books have been published, the first one is, ‘The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe’ (Urdu version شیر چڑیل اور الماری) and ‘The Horse and His Boy(Urdu Version گھوڑا اور اس کا لڑکا)’ Both the books are thrilling and breathtaking for kids.
Since, I was involved in several outstanding and large-scale translation projects, I have developed the sense of criticism of the translation quality, and since I have read the stories in English and Urdu both, I can bet upon it, that at the time of reading it would almost be impossible to find out that it is a translation work if you did not know in advance. I think, this is one of the best qualities of a neat translation work.
Mathew Dalton is a native speaker of English. Urdu is his second language. It is quite usual if a person chooses his first language as a target language for translation. However, choosing Urdu as a target language for translation work, for a non-native speaker of Urdu, is quite astounding and impressive.
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