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16 February 2018
The book is good reading, gripping. But it is not a great read. The character Mia is something out of the world, as if flawless and as if she can control everything though she is very busy. I feel after getting pregnant as surrogate, is it ethical to fly ? Though ghe author clearly pointed out many flaws in others, she could not find anything wrong in Mia. I am surprised to be hohest. Supporting Bebe is another event that make me perplexed. Once someone abandoned his or her child, do they have moral right to claim again? Also I found the lwayer conversations are ridiculous. What is meant by knowing and understanding the culture of one's origin. If I know correctly, the American citizens can adapt child from China, is it mandatory for them to train their adapted child the culture of the orient, I doubt it very much. It must be known to Mr Richardson as a lawyer, but he never argued on this aspect. The depiction of the characters are very good, the tapestry of the story is nicely handled by the author. But in the end it is good book, not a great one.
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