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2 January 2019
This fitness watch Delivered on - 17-Jul-2018. I took long to write the review as I wanted to ensure that I am not in a conundrum and share the apt experience. Again to everyone their own... Looks wise the watch body on square shape looks elegant but strap is not adding any value. My suggestion would be go for a combo ( i.e. Black Body and grey strap) to kill the monotony. Complete black can not be termed as elegant. Setting up take a little time but once its done, it works seamlessly ( Incoming Calls and Emails). I haven't tried music- so can't comment. The most important aspect is fitness - This of FOR THAT MATTER many of the fitness bands/ watches I have tried, discussed do not provide you accurate data. Focusing on this one- It gives bat steps in badges i.e. once you have walked 10-20 steps it will update them together ( from 5210 to 5220) - This happens when you do brisk walking. BUT when you are walking at home and its a casual stroll, it captures them correctly. Distance is inaccurate i.e. I have measured the distance where I run/walk but this watch does not provide it right. For e.g. if One round is 400M and if I WALK for 5 rounds it will NOT show 2Kms . It will be 1600-1650 M. When I run on the same path it much lower. Fora distance of 2KM it will show 1kms and NOT 2. So I guess the measurement is more from the speed than 3-axis accelerometer ( used to understand your motions). Also when it comes to floor, again its not accurate but I can understand the floor issue with altimeter sensor not able to recognize. But steps and distance not being right is criminal for me. To summarize, there are definitely issues with it but to be fair to Watch- I did not pay for Apple Watch 3 , so should not be expecting that kind of User Experience as well. I do not measure sleep and calories intake as primary is Steps, Distance and Calories. Oh yes and Calories are always higher in 2-3K which in reality is not possible. So that can give you a feel good factor but if you are serious about fitness and not the new year resolution types... then I am sure you would want something which meets your requirement. But again, its your prerogative to make a informed decision and these are my experience and inputs. Also the strap finally gave up after 6 months of usage, I will leave it your discretion to decide the quality of strap. A Very Happy and Healthy 2019 to the readers.
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