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25 May 2019
I have been playing this ukulele for more than 6 months now, so this makes me the eligible person to review it in depth.
I never knew how to play a ukulele. I had to try my hands on something, and not spend much money. I bought this thing on a deal for 1670 INR. It's very obvious that you just can't get a sound instrument at this price. So even if it has some drawbacks, I just can't complain. It has been the perfect companion for learning the game.
First thing, don't panic if it gets out-of-tune frequently. It happens for 3-4 days in every new ukulele.
It has got a little stiff strings as compared to other ukuleles. The voice is slightly deeper and volume is lower, as compared to a soprano 21" of other brand.
Very rough and tough. I always travel with it to the mountains and other places. You can hear it in open areas.
It's not really a rosewood ukulele. It's plywood. Make sure than the fretboard is smooth, otherwise return it. I didn't, because I wasn't aware back then. (Look at the image).
But i'm still 100% satisfied with my purchase.
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