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7 August 2018
"Mandodari- The Queen of Lanka" is a captivating read. It's simple and descriptive language keeps one completely engrossed.

Although the story of Ramayana and thus the character of Mandodri is known to most of us from childhood days, here she is personified completely differently . The way the story is presented, one looks forward to the next chapter with anxiety and enthusiasm.
New perspectives are introduced in every chapter which makes it interesting and compells one to continue reading. The narrative is so expressive that the characters come alive in front of our eyes and we start visualizing the scene in our mind. We get to understand the entire epic rewritten from Mandodari's perspective.

Apart from being a dutiful wife , Mandodari was a righteous and brave queen. The struggle within her as a wife, a mother and a queen has been beautifully depicted. Both The emotional and practical aspects of the queen Mandodari have been presented in a well balanced manner.

Best thing about the book is that not many lines have been dedicated to well known incidents, rather they have been woven well with the story to explore more of little known territories.

Strongly recommend to every book lover. Looking forward eagerly to next book of Manini
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