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6 June 2019
I bought the Getko with Device ABS Electric Grinder for daily use in our kitchen as a replacement for our food processor which had conked off. The food processor was bulky, inconvenient and complicated to use for daily use and I was looking for a simple solution. After much research I shortlisted this model by Getko and I am pleased that I made a good choice. We've used this grinder for a few day's and below are my observations for it.

● The Getko ABS Stainless steel and Glass Grinder reached me in a proper branded boxing. The product itself was wrapped in bubble wrapping for protection inside the box.
● The Grinder came assembled and ready to use. The heavy glass bowl, the sharp stainless steel blades set, the glass lid and the ABS mainframe are all easy to assemble and its quite intuitive to set up.
● The Mainframe on the top of the grip has two power buttons of high and low which can be pushed as per requirement. Releasing the button stops the grinding. This mechanism is very convenient to use.
● The blades can be used in single or double mode depending on need. You can use single blade for Coarse mixing for chopping onion or garlic or double blade for fine mixing if you are making keema from meat or fine grating vegetables.
● Food grinding on this processor is very even owing to the double stainless steel blades and the results are quite good regardless of whether you're grinding meat or chopping vegetables and mincing herbs or blending sauces or purees.
● The 300 watt motor really delivers powerful performance without any clogging or jams.
● The top mainframe design means that this is one of the easiest food processors to clean. Just separate the bowl and its parts and wash.
● A unique advantage that is food processor and grinder has over the conventional designs is the glass bowl which allows you to see visually how much you've blended the ingredients. You do not need to stop the process and peep into the bowl to see if you're done. The clear glass transparency allows you to keep a check without interrupting.
● The entire unit is portable and can be shifted in the kitchen as per requirement.

My mother-in-law and caretaker have given a big thumbs up for this grinder which makes this a successful purchase for me. The convenience of grinding, blending, chopping as per requirement in the kitchen is absolutely fulfilled by the Getko Grinder and makes it a must have asset in any kitchen. The top end quality and functionality and the powerful performance makes it pleasure to use. I recommend this model without any hesitation.
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