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1 December 2018
Firstly, I must start off by saying that I am a great fan of Robert Greene and have waited for this book for nearly 2 years. And the reason for me picking up this book was mainly to understand other people and to protect myself from some of the bad people there can be. But honestly, the book was a revelation to me. The book is FAR more than just understanding others; to me at least, it helped me introspect myself and understand myself and my behaviours on a more deeper level. I'm a young person and want to be a really good mother when I have a child. This book clearly showed me how our own parents' behaviour can affect the way we deal with our children. If you have had bad parents, you at least become aware of your behavioural pattern that could affect your children and try to correct yourself.

And other than introducing yourself to you, it also helps you understand other people's character based on their behavioural pattern. One major change I have observed in Mr. Greene's writing is that in 48 Laws, the major theme was people would consciously try to harm you. But here in this new book, he goes on to say that most of the times, they might not even do it consciously. I really loved that concept as that is the reality.

Mr. Greene is one of the greatest interpreters of human behaviour ever. Thank you so much sir for such a great piece of writing. Reading this book was more of a spiritual experience to me.
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