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3 November 2018
It happens with certain books that before you even start reading them a connection is formed in some inexplicable way and it happened with me and the source code: the inhabitants of the uninhabited Island. Due to office pressure, I was unable to get a sound sleep because all that silly technical stuff was going in my mind continuously and I decided to wake up and start reading this book so that I can relax my mind and viola, a sense of Deja Vu occurred to me when the protagonist (Maggie Ray) saw a code in her dream.

Story build up is simple, Margret Maggie Ray is the daughter of a successful businessman and sister of famous lawyer George Ray. After a fallout with her family, she has left her parental home and is currently leaving with her dog bead (yasss there is a dog) in a small apartment and is working as a programming freelancer. She has a best friend named Sandy who is a painter and graphic designer and Sandy is in love with Paul. Both Maggie and Sandy decided to create a game where the tribal people will be sharing their wealth of knowledge and spirituality to the player (unlike AoE where everyone is fighting for the survival, though AoE is my personal favorite).

One day George calls Maggie as one of his friend Arthur who is also a lawyer by the profession asks George if he will accompany him to an uninhabited island. George invited Maggie, who in turns invited Sandy and Paul decides to accompany them. So the group of Arthur, Maggie, Sandy, George, Pual and Bead left for the island and then follows their journey.

This book is a gripping tale and story building is superb. The characters are intriguing and with each passing page you would be dying to know what will happen next. An easy yet hooking read.
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4.3 out of 5 stars
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