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3 September 2018
Very good for bachelors who could not make roti’s. Water content on dough must be on higher side than making manually instead of this roti maker. Once with practice if you learn the perfect dough with correct water content then you get decent roti’s very quickly. Best to use clear line dough kneading machine. With this you can get good quality dough with no effort in 6 min minutes which is suitable for use with Bajaj Vacco roti maker. I did not know how to make rotis. Now after making 5 or 6 times I can get perfect rotis. All my friends advised me not to go in for roti maker but luckily I did not listen to them and went ahead and got the roti maker as well as the clear line kneading machine and now I get perfect roti’s without much effort. Follow manual instructions from mfg. After kneading the dough very necessary to cover the dough with clean dripping wet cloth for min 20 minutes to get perfect rotis.
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