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15 July 2014
Aranya has never been truly loved. Cursed and abused since her birth, by her own mother, Aranya soon finds out that the betrayal of her mother runs deeper than some chosen curse words. In her grandfathers will, every person, including the ladies of the family are benefactors. However, her mother had kept her out of the list by omitting her existence. There are practically no records showing she is her mother’s daughter. Having had enough, Aranya decides to stand up and fight for her rights and her identity.

Aranya is a character that will resonate with more women in our country than we would like to admit. The abuses, the curses and the way she was treated is the story of millions around the world. Which is why this book takes a hold on its reader right from the beginning – its relatable. If the readers themselves haven’t faced it, then atleast they know someone who has. Granted that not everyone has a powerful person like Aranya’s grandfather in the family supporting her but most of us women have to fight for what’s our birth right. Aranya is portrayed as this strong modern woman, who has had enough of oppression and wants to fight for what is hers. The side characters are portrayed equally well though Aranya stands out.

For a debut author, Ratna Vira has picked a less explored path and has carved out her own way. The excellent and uncommon plot is accompanied by a great narration and beautiful language. What else can one expect from a good book? This will resonate with a lot of readers and will have a grip over them, long after the book is put down. I also have to say that the simple cover of the book with the picture of a beautiful girl with innocent eyes is really catchy too.
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